Alkari Council background

Here’s an example of the background for the Galactic Council vote when playing as the Alkari. Hopefully it gives you an idea of what the illustrations and graphics you see will be different for each race.



Quality of life improvements

Feature development is in a bit of a holding pattern for two months while I wait for rest of the alpha artwork to finish. In the meantime, I’m doing mostly bug-fixing, AI work, and general “quality of life” improvements.

As an example of the latter, consider the following comment I received on the explorminate forums. Here’s a snip:

“What does the “notes” section entail? Is that just a text field that you can write whatever you want? What happens if you write something longer than there’s room for?”

So, that’s totally NOT what the “Notes” field does, it just provides some simple info as in the original game. But his suggestion was much better, so I changed it to work that way instead. This is a great feature for adding personal notes to help you keep track of your growing empire:


Then, in this post on the Realms Beyond forums, I stumbled across this undocumented feature in the original MOO1.

“When you press the = key while allocating reserve spending the game will auto allocate enough reserve funds to double production for that turn. “

Holy Cow! How many times have I played MOO1 and would have loved to know about that feature! Managing reserve can be a tedious activity, so any common-sense feature that simplifies it would be great. So naturally, I modified ROTP to automatically default the “Transfer Reserve” slider to the maximum amount that can be used by the selected colony in the next turn. This takes into account reserve already allocated to the colony so that you don’t actually double-send. Here’s a screenshot example after simply hitting the “Transfer” button:


As you can see on the left, Meklon will have a total production of 563 BC next turn (478 net). This means it can use up to 563 BC reserve to double its production. The reserve slider works in increments of 2% (50 ticks), so it defaults to transferring 569 BC. You can always still increase or decrease it, but this is a great default value to provide.

This is why I read and participate in MOO1 discussions across multiple forums. There are so many great ideas out there, some big and some small, just waiting to be recognized. Thanks!