Double Ludicrous Map

For those players who like epic, galactic-scale battles with dozens of empires, I am implementing a “race multiplier” feature that will allow you to specify, for example, “up to 5 empires for each race”.

These will be different empires and grow outward  from their home planets, and will interact with you as separate empires.

And since map sizes are directly affected by the number of empires, doubling the empires will effectively double the galaxy size. Below is a “double ludicrous” map where a  “times  2” factor has been applied to a Ludicrous map size.

This has resulted in the 4400-star, 500-light-year across, monstrosity below. No one except sado-masochists should ever, ever try to play a game like this. But if you really wanted to, I am pretty confident that Remnants of the Precursors, with its MOO1-inspired mechanics, is probably the only game you’ll ever be able to pull it off with.

This is what I am using now to test extreme memory and load situations.



Edit: I should have included a shot of what the Setup Galaxy UI looks like for this feature. Here is a sample below, showing an Average galaxy with 4 opponents (5 total races) times 20:


7 thoughts on “Double Ludicrous Map”

  1. Yeah, this map has already forced me to find a far more efficient way to store data in the game. There’s a particular data model that just collapsed under its own weight at this extreme. It’s probably too late to refactor things for the alpha, but maps like this will definitely be more memory-efficient and playable in a followup release.


  2. Kind of. There is an “AI Test” difficulty option where the AI controls the player’s empire. It’s there for me to test and see what the AI does. It will be avaialable for alpha testers, but it’s generally a pretty dull experience (next turn… next turn.. next turn).

    But it’s a great way to see what the AI is doing. How it’s developing colonies, researching techs, designing ships, etc. I think the player only gets a handful of things to do while playing, such as confirming “Yes” to colonize or bomb planets, and choosing sabotage targets.


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