A game with 20 races

I’m testing the “Race Multiplier” features with a  x5 multiplier on a Small map. This results in a map that starts with 20 empires (including the player) on a map of 126 stars.

About 60 turns into it, I can see 8 empires on the map and have already received one GNN message of a race exterminating another.

Here’s a screenshot of the map. I’m placing the Psilons in the lower center. The “Granitoid” empire is selected (a copy of the Silicoids). Particularly worrisome are the 2 yellow empires and the 1 red empire above me. They are all bear races and have already allied with one another.


You can also see the new optional memory usage tracker in the lower right corner. I’m using that to better monitor memory issues as the game progresses.

Here is the embassy list from the same game. It should give you a better idea of the variant race names being used.


There are a few visual glitches to work out since I have never tested with this many races before, but I think everyone knows by now that I am not afraid to show a work in progress!

My goal is to get the memory improvements in the game by the Alpha so that you can conceivably test a game with 50 empires.


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