Meklar Council image

This one is almost done! Just a little tweaks and polishes left. This is the last piece of artwork going into the alpha. After this, we will probably start the artwork on another race — we’ve been sitting at 5 races (of 10) for far too long. That will be scheduled for a subsequent alpha where we’ve added ship combat.



2 thoughts on “Meklar Council image”

  1. Its nice, for some reason I was expecting a swarm of drones or similar hovering the big robot on the right a la matrix 3rd movie. I enjoy the design of the big robot, the bottom looks like a metallic atom of sorts!


  2. In ROTP lore, the Meklar are not truly artificial. They are trans-biological creatures that are born biologically and transfer their consciousness to a long-lived mechanical form at adulthood. This, for example, is why they cannot colonize any world like the Silicoid. Their juvenile forms still need air, food and water.

    However, their mechanical forms are not permanent. When they are near death, they transfer their consciouness to a huge computer system on Meklar, which effectively contains of the accumulated wisdom of billions of Meklars over centuries. This system has developed sentience and helps guide the species.

    There are selected individuals, called Arbiters, whose job it is to interact with the computer system on behalf of Meklar society. The Supreme Arbiter uses the system to make decisions needed to lead their society as a whole.


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