This game is not vaporware

You will all get a chance to download it for free and try it out within just over 24 hours. I will make a video tomorrow night and provide a link to download the alpha.


  1. It’s not finished – the main things missing are:
    1. No tactical combat – (that’s next!) when your ships arrive, you will be given the option to not enter combat (retreat) or to enter combat (let the AI control your fleet). Sometimes the AI will retreat anyway. IT WILL FEEL KLUNKY, but this is just a stopgap and will be replaced completely with real, actual MOO1-style tactical combat in the next alpha. Please be patient on this.
    2. Missing 5 races – The Sakkra, Humans, Darloks,  Mrrshan and Klackon are not yet done. The Sakkra are in work and will be in the next alpha
    3. Orion – the Orion and Guardian ship will be in the next alpha with ship combat.
    4. Some Diplomacy – tributes and counter-offers are not in yet
    5. Polish – many things are in the game and not yet finished: some rough animations, placeholder graphics from MOO1, etc.
  2. Lots of things, most of the original game, already works:
    1. Colony management – all in
    2. Tech research – all in
    3. Ship Design – all in
    4. Colonization – all in
    5. Transports and Ground Combat – all in
    6. Espionage and Sabotage – all in
    7. Diplomatic Treaties and Trade – all in
    8. Win/Loss conditions – in but unpolished
    9. Lots of other stuff I can’t remember
  3. It’s written in Java
    1. You need Java 8 installed
    2. No installation. Just put in a folder and double-click to start.
    3. You need at least 1GB memory on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC
    4. More memory = bigger galaxies. Up to 10,000 stars supported. However, extremely large maps (>2000 stars) still need tuning for Next Turn performance — BUYER BEWARE!
  4. I’m not a game programmer
    1. This is my first video game. It’s not an AAA title
    2. Graphics are all 2D,  just like the original game
  5. This Alpha is for June only
    1. On July 1st, the game will stop working

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