Art: Sakkra Soldier

Here is our recreation of the Sakkra! Up this week, the soldier.


Special thanks to all of the testers!

I am finding it hard to get motivated to do any more patches because I feel like the game is stable enough for me to move the project forward. It’s about time for me to start working on the tactical ship combat!

I can’t express my gratitude enough for all of the people who volunteered their time and energy into helping me work out the kinks. I am fully aware that there are still some issues to be worked, and I have a documented list of items to carry forward, but none of them seem pressing enough for me to delay development of the game.

Of course, there will be ANOTHER alpha test at some point in the future, once the ship combat is ready and 2-3 more races are added. Now it’s time for me to withdraw back into my developer cave, hunker down, and get the last remaining functional pieces of the game ready for another test.

Obviously, the game is still available to download and I will happily log any more errors found, but those will be scheduled for the next alpha.

Alpha 2.10 is ready

Here’s the latest set of changes. The change list is getting smaller because the known bugs are less pressing and I’m trying to squeeze in at least one requested feature each night.

Tonight, the ability to reset all of your ship relocation points to a new system is back, available by selecting the system and pressing Alt-R, just like the original game. Eventually there will be some visual button for that, but this gets the feature in more quickly.

Also, when an erratic leader declares war there’s now an indication the embassy that he went a little crazy and got angry at you first.

The download link for 2.10 is here:

  • Need ability to reset all relocation lines to one system (using Alt-R) – Reformations
  • Erratic leaders still happy after declaring war on you – by me
  • Maneuverability components taking up too much space on ship designs – by several
  • Colony resetting Research spending to INDustry when factories unfinished – timoteob

Have fun!

Alpha 2.09 is ready

Any evening’s worth of work is ready to go! The big things added tonight are the ability of the player to choose his starting color and a review and rewrite of much of the ship component miniaturization code.

The link for the latest version is here: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here’s what was updated for 2.09:

  • Need to be able to select player color – by Engerek01 (gog)
  • Ship engine sizes are incorrect in Ship Design – by oldgame321
  • Empire-wide Industry spending does not end after factory upgrades from Soil Enrichment – by me
  • Meklar not paying additional factory cost as robotic controls increase (broken in 2.02) – by Reformations
  • Out of range empire declaring war – by oldgamer321


Alpha update 2.08

The latest update is here! The list is shorter, but I’m starting to move away from bug fixes and onto adding missing features, which generally take more time. The confirmation dialog for scrapping ships took me 90 minutes alone, which is a good  chunk of my off-hours coding time in a typical night.

In addition, someone is going to finally have to use the Numberwang options. I can’t believe no one has checked them out yet.

Here is the latest download link for 2.08: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

  • Added confirmation dialog when scrapping ship designs
  • Numberwang option added to speed up research (Aussie voice) – by oldgamer321
  • Colony renaming bug introduce in 2.07 – several
  • Meklar production bonus not being used introduced in 2.02 – Rodrigo (by email)

Have fun testing and playing!

Alpha 2.07 is ready

7 days, 7 updates. The Alpha testing of Remnants of the Precursors continues with great velocity! As always, thanks to everyone for their testing efforts.

The download link is: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here are the changes:

  • Need ability to rename systems on colony listing
  • Ship engines & maneuver are not connected properly – Fariter
  • Crash selecting Races UI on reload – RattusNikkus
  • Typo on Fusion Rifle description – baal80spam (by email)
  • Displaying spurious stack trace in console when audio gain unsupported – coder111
  • Erratics declare war and offer peace too quickly – Fariter
  • Seeing duplicate star names on large maps – Vendanna
  • Crash on Fleet Deployment panel – baal80spam (by email)
  • Crash when zooming on map – baal80spam (by email)
  • Game deducts from SHIP when auto-increasing ECO for cleanup – oldgamer321

I’ve gotten smarter about reusing star names on the Ludicrous maps…with suffixes A,B,C, etc.

If you have Warp 3 engines but not Warp 2, you will now be able to select the Ship Maneuvering ability that is available with Warp 2 engines (as in MOO1).

You can rename systems on the colony listing view. Their name is now an editable field.

Still lots to do. Have fun with this one!