Play the ROTP alpha!

IMPORTANT: for standard security reasons, you should only download the ROTP jar file from this site.

Here is the link for the latest alpha for Remnants of the Precursors. It stops working on July 1st.

[ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

I am in the process of compiling and uploading “How To” videos for the game on my youtube channel at:

Please check those videos if you have general questions about how to play the game. They are divided by the various screens you use.

ALSO IMPORTANT: please report any bugs or anomalies to the ROTP subreddit at:

TO START THE GAME: Just double-click it


If your PC has more than 2GB of memory, you can ignore these instructions.

However, if you are using a PC with 2GB or less memory, you might want to increase the default memory allocated to the game. It will, by default, start with up to 1/4th of your PC memory allocated to it. However, the game requires a MINIMUM of 512MB to run so you will need to increase the memory allocated to it if you have 2GB of less memory on your PC. You can start the ROTP game from the command line with the following:

java -Xmx512m -jar RotP.jar

That command gives the game 512Mb of memory, which is the MINIMUM it needs to run. Graphics will be downscaled and animations turned off at that level. To allocate 1Gb of memory, for example, you can use:

java -Xmx1g -jar RotP.jar

You can run these commands from a shell script (Mac,Linux) or a BAT file (Windows) without having to retype them every time.


That is all. Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Play the ROTP alpha!”

  1. I donwloaded the game, and I’m still trying to understand the controls (since I have never played the original) I don’t know how to separate the fleet. but got a Crash in there.

    First turn, I click on the fleet and click on a planet. (I see a green line) then I select the fleet and click on the scout icon “<" to reduce the number of scouts from 2 to 1 and the game crashes.


  2. If I manage to get the crash again sure. System is PC windows 7 Home premium 64-bit, 4GB ddR3 memory (intel Core i7 Processor 2700). I used your bat file trick to assign 1 GB memory to the game. I have a recent.RTOP file but shouldn’t have been better to have the game generate an Error.log file whenever you get an error?


  3. With 4GB of RAM, you should be able to just double-click on the game instead of running from the command line. At 4GB, your OS will automatically allocate 1G to the game.

    The recent.rotp save file allows me to recreate any problem that is the result of game mechanics not working. Otherwise, a screenshot of the crash page will help a lot as well because it will show me the exception stack (which is what you would put in an error.log file)


  4. Curious you mention that, because if I just double click the icon, I get only 22/30/247M on the bottom. with the bat file I get 24M/30/989M on memory. Didn’t manage to get the crash again. setting was just 1 enemy on average difficulty, cuadricular and small.


    1. That’s very interesting. I wonder if your system is configured in such a way as to not give more than 256Mb to a Java application (which would explain the 247M).

      In that case, keep using the BAT file!


  5. I can’t run it, either from the .jar or with a .bat. I hear music for two seconds, and then nothing. Nothing comes on to the screen. I’ve updated to the latest Java runtime.


  6. Do you have java security tightened up on your OS? The class init block for RotPUI is already bullet-proofed with try-catches specifically to avoid this kind of anonymous barfing on startup


    1. More likely I’m doing a lot more complication initialization for the app that’s conflict with some system setting you’ve got.

      Saw this same error when we tested on the Raspberry Pi. New version crashed but the old one didn’t. We tracked it down to some sound initializations using ogg files that wasn’t in the earlier version, and eventually surrounded all of the inits with try-catches to hopefully prevent this from happening again.


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