Alpha 2.01 patch is ready

Thank you everyone who tested the game and reported problems. Since this is an evenings-only projecte for me, I do not have enough time to do adequate QA while developing new features. You guys are helping a lot!

The public link to the new version is here:  [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

This is officially version “Alpha 2.01”. Lots of bugs fixed:

  • Changing the name when colonizing a new system isn’t working – by me
  • Diplomatic menu options go down too far – by me
  • Colony preview showing incorrect race name when race multiplier is used – by me
  • Colony ship descends too quickly when landing – by me
  • AI is spamming trade treaty requests if they are declined – by me
  • Crashed reported – by mikeva1956
  • Ship component availability from previous save game – by oldgamer321
  • Crash when showing Alkari Races-Military screen – by Nik (from email)
  • Can form trade agreement even when disabled – Fariter
  • Industry slider not showing “Max” vs. “Reserve” properly – by Reformations & Sky (from email)
  • Missile bases complete message keeps coming up – by Reformations
  • Spending orders for Soil Enrichment should not happen on hostile planets – by Sky (from email)
  • relocation sending all ships instead of just new ships – by Sky (from email)
  •  ship, transport and relocation lines are all the same color – by Reformations
  • Windows task bar concealing bottom of game – by orcasaredolphins
  • Ship Components not miniaturizing – by oldgamer321
  • AI Diplomacy spam control was also applying to player, resulting in “Too Soon” refusals to requests – by me

Thanks again!

9 thoughts on “Alpha 2.01 patch is ready”

  1. After having playing it on ludicrous (just 1 opponent race, my cpu couldn’t handle the max since turns would sometimes take 2-3 mins) I found that on ludicrous you just want to get deuterium (after 50 turns or so on that) then hope to rush planets to find all techs on artifacts planets since it would take less time to advance technology that way than the normal one)


  2. Turn wouldn’t advance it looks like it hangs or such. I should send the savefile to you so you see how much it advanced (and the tech level I got up to) (you can compare it with the turns that have passed until now. I’ll send the file by e-mail


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