How diplomacy spam control works

Diplomacy is extremely important to get “right” because it is the only place where the AI directly interacts with the player. This means that any bugs or shortcomings are immediately obvious and break immersion.

For example, if the AI is not developing colonies efficiently it’s not very obvious to most players until they start steamrolling the AI in the mid-game. But if the AI is making absurd diplomatic requests or denying requests that are clearly advantageous, then the player will notice right away.

Another problem is spam where the AI is constantly bugging the player but the player clearly doesn’t want to deal with the AI. Keeping the AI from spamming the player is important, but yet the player should be able to spam the AI if he so desires because, as we know, players are special snowflakes (actually, it’s really about the game not being opaque).

Here’s how diplomacy spam control works in ROTP:
— if the AI proposes a treaty (peace, pact, or alliance) and the player refuses, the AI goes through a cooldown based on the treaty type before it will ask again. If the player proposes and the AI refuses, the cooldown is set to 1 turn. This prevents the player from spamming the same request repeatedly in the same turn in order to beat the RNG.

— for trade treaties, a refusal by the player means the AI will wait until the cooldown AND the potential trade amount has increased. For example, if the player turns down a 50 BC trade treaty, the AI will not ask again until the cooldown is up and the trade treaty can be at least 75BC. Players just get a 1-turn cooldown like with the other treaties.

— for technology trades where the AI requests tech “A” in exchange for tech “B”, “C”, or “D” and the player refuses — the AI will no longer ask for tech “A” until he has a different tech (besides B,C,D) to offer. If the player changes his mind and wants to trade away A for B, C, or D, then he will have to initiate the request.

Finally, if the player wants no dealing at all with a particular AI empire, he is able to go to the Races->Embassy tab and close his embassy (a feature not in MOO1). Please note that there is a diplomatic penalty that exists as long as the embassy is closed, but you are guaranteed to never hear from that empire again.

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