Alpha patch 2.03 is ready

OMG another patch already?!? This is ridiculous.

However, it seems that I have the greatest alpha testers in the world. Not only are they playing all these variations of games I haven’t, but because they are MOO1 fans they already KNOW exactly how the game is supposed to work and are finding all of the minor and obscure issues that professional QA organizations would dream of finding in a new game.

This version also addresses some of the memory problems a lot of people are seeing where the OS is not allocating enough memory to the game, forcing many players to use the command line to allocate enough memory to play. Now the game will recognize if it doesn’t have enough memory (and your PC has it available) and will restart itself with enough memory (up to 1G) to safely start the game up.

If you have a 16G computer and want to play with a 12G game, you’ll still need to use the command line for that, but it’s not that hard to do. But for casual gamers who just want to try out the game without hassle, this should make things a lot easier!

The latest version of the game can be found here: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here are the bug fixes:

  • 4GB+ computers not allocating enough memory at startup – by many
  • AI Testing should not be the default setting – by me
  • Need Tiny Map size – by Reformations
  • Wording conflict between light-years & parsecs – by Vrachos
  • Bulrathi soldier talking animation is too fast – by Vrachos
  • Automated Repair System has all zeroes for size, space & cost – by Fariter
  • Can’t build factories past useable amount – by Reformations
  • Duplicate “Planet Reached Maximum…” messages – by Fariter
  • Next turn lag on Ludicrous maps  (440 colonies, sheesh!) – by Vendanna
  • Colony listing number column width too narrow when >100 colonies
  • Hostile planets not getting Terraforming Bonus – by Sky (from email)
  • Crash when scrolling map too quickly – by Vrachos
  • Techs should not auto-select for research if they are the only available techs in their category – by oldgamer321


Have fun and thanks for all of your help!

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