Alpha patch 2.04 is ready

A patch a day keeps the bugs away.

The big fixes involve proper terraforming of hostile planets and production bugs for colonies that were recently captured and had been in rebellion to another empire.

Here’s the link to the latest version: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here are the fixes applied:

  • Colony listing should indicate colonies in rebellion – by jeffreynya
  • Capturing an enemy colony in rebellion was bugged – by Reformations
  • Hostile planets not completing terraforming – by Reformations
  • Sometimes a stray homeworld in top left of galaxy – by me & Reformations
  • Starting missile base limit for each colony should be 1, not 0 – by me
  • Range display for systems too large now that it says “light-years” instead of “parsecs” – me
  • Can see enemy has terraforming techs by their +planet sizes – by Reformations
  • Pressing ENTER on Colonization screen should work – by Engerek01 (
  • Next spy will take 2 billion years to make – by Reformations
  • Crash on next turn on Tiny Map (sabotage error) – by Vendanna & Vrachos
  • GNN Rankings screen cannot handle more than 9 empires – by me
  • Error trying to divide a ship stack – by Marcin (from email)
  • Ship relocation line drawn incorrectly – by Reformations
  • AI repeatedly asking for peace treaty – by Reformations
  • Speed check needed on all alien animations – by Vrachos
  • Crash on Races UI when loading new game – by RattusNikkus

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