Alpha 2.05 is ready

Woot! Five updates in 5 days. I’m on a roll, but BARELY keeping up with all of the dedicated testers.

Why so many bug reports? Well, I have no QA team and have worked on it a solid year since the last alpha test. In other words, there are a lot of kinks to work out.

Here is the link to the latest 2.05 update:

[ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

These issues were addressed:

  • Planetary missile bases not triggering ship combat – by many
  • Jarring interruption when multiple notifications in a turn – by Ivankr
  • Maps do not always have requested number of opponents – by RattusNikkus
  • AI colonies should show their pop/factories/bases from the main screen – Rodrigo (by email)
  • Continue Game option should work at restart – by Reformations
  • Need zoom option on Map view – Rodrigo (by email)
  • Default missile base limit for captured colonies should be 1, not 0 -by Reformations
  • Defender count display not dropping when recapturing rebellious colony – by jeffreynya
  • When base upgrades are complete, DEF slider should go back to 0 – by Reformations
  • Ship spending slider drops to zero after completing a ship – oldgamer321
  • Tech discovery pct not correct – by Reformations
  • Altered ship color not displaying on fleet & planet views – by Reformations
  • Crash: too many fleets in combat – by Reformations
  • Colony bombardment should occur before troop invasion – by Reformations
  • Transport speed not displaying properly when traveling through nebula – by Reformations
  • Fixed ship weapon dmg issue causing multiple combats at same system – by Reformations
  • Fix issues with selecting on fleet destinations when other fleets are in the way – by oldgamer321
  • Increased map zoom in ability to help select on crowded maps – by me

Lots of nice updates in this one!


2 thoughts on “Alpha 2.05 is ready”

  1. When opponent ships arrive at one of your planets with a Base, it will keep prompting you over and over again if you want to enter combat no matter how many times you press “no.” The first time it includes your ships at the planet in the combat, but the subsequent times it’s just the bases.


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