Alpha 2.06 is ready

OOPS! Amongst all of the fixes included in update 2.05 were two bugs introduced as a result of the changes. Thanks to the eagle-eyed testers for catching them quickly. Sometimes we stumble as we run, but we are nevertheless moving forward at a rapid pace.

Having daily updates really minimizes the effects of occasional mistakes like this.

One note: the “Ship Battle” screen is temporary and will be removed completely when tactical combat is added in the next alpha. As a result, I am generally not going to any address concerns about the polish on this screen.

The link for the new 2.06a update is: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here are the fixes for today:

  • Empire spending limits not working in 2.05 – Adam (by email)
  • Hitting “No” on ship combat with bases only results in loop in 2.05- Matthew (by blog)
  • “Translating” on diplomacy UI getting tiresome – Reformations
  • Propulsion techs should show speed in description – several
  • Hostile techs showing on Map screen as available for work – Vrachos
  • Sometimes the Eco slider does not adjust to the minimum required for “Clean” automatically- Rodrigo (by email)
  • No easy wait to tell from Embassy if race is not contactable – Reformations
  • Can tell when AI colonizes planet because name changes even when I’m not there -by Reformations
  • Colony selections shared by Main Map and Colony Listing – by Reformations
  • recent.rotp save file not created at game start – by me
  • Leader names for copied races are not unique – Reformations
  • Scrolling too slow on the enemy ship design listing – by Vrachos


Most of what’s left now are minor feature requests instead of bugs, so I look forward to starting  on those tomorrow!  hahaha, j/k. I know you’ll find more bugs.

4 thoughts on “Alpha 2.06 is ready”

  1. You should add more planet names, on large galaxies you can get like 3 planets or more with the same name. which makes it somewhat weird when you check the colony stuff (even if you can change the planet name)


      1. nah, even without race multiplier. on ludicrous and just 1 enemy you will find planets with the same name. which could cause unexpected behavior on the game.


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