Alpha 2.07 is ready

7 days, 7 updates. The Alpha testing of Remnants of the Precursors continues with great velocity! As always, thanks to everyone for their testing efforts.

The download link is: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here are the changes:

  • Need ability to rename systems on colony listing
  • Ship engines & maneuver are not connected properly – Fariter
  • Crash selecting Races UI on reload – RattusNikkus
  • Typo on Fusion Rifle description – baal80spam (by email)
  • Displaying spurious stack trace in console when audio gain unsupported – coder111
  • Erratics declare war and offer peace too quickly – Fariter
  • Seeing duplicate star names on large maps – Vendanna
  • Crash on Fleet Deployment panel – baal80spam (by email)
  • Crash when zooming on map – baal80spam (by email)
  • Game deducts from SHIP when auto-increasing ECO for cleanup – oldgamer321

I’ve gotten smarter about reusing star names on the Ludicrous maps…with suffixes A,B,C, etc.

If you have Warp 3 engines but not Warp 2, you will now be able to select the Ship Maneuvering ability that is available with Warp 2 engines (as in MOO1).

You can rename systems on the colony listing view. Their name is now an editable field.

Still lots to do. Have fun with this one!

3 thoughts on “Alpha 2.07 is ready”

  1. Hi Ray. It’s leiavoia. great to see your project up and running. I still have your old files on my server 😉 I see you had problems with repeating names. I recently wrote a half-decent random name generator for another project. Feel free to use it. Its in javascript, but you can probably javafy it easily enough. Let’s see if forum comment handles it:

    export default function RandomName() {
    let ok = false;
    let str = ”;
    while ( !ok ) {
    str = ”;
    let parts = [
    let state = 0;
    let num_parts = Math.floor(Math.random()*6)+1;
    for ( let i=0; i = 0.20 ) { state = 0; }
    else if ( state == 0 && Math.random() >= 0.20 ) { state = 1; }
    else if ( state == 1 && Math.random() >= 0.28 ) { state = 0; }
    str = str + parts[state][ Math.floor(Math.random()*parts[state].length) ]; // removes repeated chars
    // remove idiotic repeating letters
    str = str.replace(/(.)\1+/gi, “$1”, str);
    // check for nutsy combos
    if (
    str.length >= 4
    && !str.match(/[aeiou]{3}/) // 3 vowels in a row = bad
    && !str.match(/[bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz]{3}/) // 3 consenants = bad
    ) { ok = true; }
    return str;


  2. Hey leiavoia! Yes, it’s a much different animal now. My Java skills are no longer noobish and I’ve hired a great illustrator to update the artwork. I still have my old version of the game as well.

    Have you checked out this version? It’s a little better 🙂

    Thanks for the name generator! If I need it, I can switch it to Java easily 🙂


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