Alpha update 2.08

The latest update is here! The list is shorter, but I’m starting to move away from bug fixes and onto adding missing features, which generally take more time. The confirmation dialog for scrapping ships took me 90 minutes alone, which is a good  chunk of my off-hours coding time in a typical night.

In addition, someone is going to finally have to use the Numberwang options. I can’t believe no one has checked them out yet.

Here is the latest download link for 2.08: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

  • Added confirmation dialog when scrapping ship designs
  • Numberwang option added to speed up research (Aussie voice) – by oldgamer321
  • Colony renaming bug introduce in 2.07 – several
  • Meklar production bonus not being used introduced in 2.02 – Rodrigo (by email)

Have fun testing and playing!


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