Alpha 2.09 is ready

Any evening’s worth of work is ready to go! The big things added tonight are the ability of the player to choose his starting color and a review and rewrite of much of the ship component miniaturization code.

The link for the latest version is here: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here’s what was updated for 2.09:

  • Need to be able to select player color – by Engerek01 (gog)
  • Ship engine sizes are incorrect in Ship Design – by oldgame321
  • Empire-wide Industry spending does not end after factory upgrades from Soil Enrichment – by me
  • Meklar not paying additional factory cost as robotic controls increase (broken in 2.02) – by Reformations
  • Out of range empire declaring war – by oldgamer321



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