Alpha 2.10 is ready

Here’s the latest set of changes. The change list is getting smaller because the known bugs are less pressing and I’m trying to squeeze in at least one requested feature each night.

Tonight, the ability to reset all of your ship relocation points to a new system is back, available by selecting the system and pressing Alt-R, just like the original game. Eventually there will be some visual button for that, but this gets the feature in more quickly.

Also, when an erratic leader declares war there’s now an indication the embassy that he went a little crazy and got angry at you first.

The download link for 2.10 is here:

  • Need ability to reset all relocation lines to one system (using Alt-R) – Reformations
  • Erratic leaders still happy after declaring war on you – by me
  • Maneuverability components taking up too much space on ship designs – by several
  • Colony resetting Research spending to INDustry when factories unfinished – timoteob

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Alpha 2.10 is ready”

  1. Please open up pre-purchase option, and those who do can keep playing the latest available version. Love this, I bought the new masters of orion along with the collection, the best thing about it was I can now play moo 1 without having to mess with typing in dos box. Can’t wait for remnants to get done. Moo 1 is my favorite of all time as well.


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