Special thanks to all of the testers!

I am finding it hard to get motivated to do any more patches because I feel like the game is stable enough for me to move the project forward. It’s about time for me to start working on the tactical ship combat!

I can’t express my gratitude enough for all of the people who volunteered their time and energy into helping me work out the kinks. I am fully aware that there are still some issues to be worked, and I have a documented list of items to carry forward, but none of them seem pressing enough for me to delay development of the game.

Of course, there will be ANOTHER alpha test at some point in the future, once the ship combat is ready and 2-3 more races are added. Now it’s time for me to withdraw back into my developer cave, hunker down, and get the last remaining functional pieces of the game ready for another test.

Obviously, the game is still available to download and I will happily log any more errors found, but those will be scheduled for the next alpha.


4 thoughts on “Special thanks to all of the testers!”

  1. Thanks for letting us play the Alpha and test it out, Ray! Really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next major release.


    1. Yes, I feel like I was at a point of diminishing returns and it made more sense to log the remaining items and move forward with the ship combat, which I expect to take a lot of time


  2. Hey, I just heard about the alpha and I’m excited to try it out since I still think MoO 1 is the most replayable game ever made. The trouble is that Alpha 2.10 expired, so it won’t let us play. Don’t suppose you’d consider publishing a time-unlocked version of Alpha 2.10?


    1. Nope, you’ll need to wait until the next alpha. It’s intentionally “time locked” so I don’t have to split my focus between developing and testing support.

      The Alpha 2.10 version is unfinished. Alpha 3 will have tactical ship combat!


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