Alpha 2.06 is ready

OOPS! Amongst all of the fixes included in update 2.05 were two bugs introduced as a result of the changes. Thanks to the eagle-eyed testers for catching them quickly. Sometimes we stumble as we run, but we are nevertheless moving forward at a rapid pace.

Having daily updates really minimizes the effects of occasional mistakes like this.

One note: the “Ship Battle” screen is temporary and will be removed completely when tactical combat is added in the next alpha. As a result, I am generally not going to any address concerns about the polish on this screen.

The link for the new 2.06a update is: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here are the fixes for today:

  • Empire spending limits not working in 2.05 – Adam (by email)
  • Hitting “No” on ship combat with bases only results in loop in 2.05- Matthew (by blog)
  • “Translating” on diplomacy UI getting tiresome – Reformations
  • Propulsion techs should show speed in description – several
  • Hostile techs showing on Map screen as available for work – Vrachos
  • Sometimes the Eco slider does not adjust to the minimum required for “Clean” automatically- Rodrigo (by email)
  • No easy wait to tell from Embassy if race is not contactable – Reformations
  • Can tell when AI colonizes planet because name changes even when I’m not there -by Reformations
  • Colony selections shared by Main Map and Colony Listing – by Reformations
  • recent.rotp save file not created at game start – by me
  • Leader names for copied races are not unique – Reformations
  • Scrolling too slow on the enemy ship design listing – by Vrachos


Most of what’s left now are minor feature requests instead of bugs, so I look forward to starting  on those tomorrow!  hahaha, j/k. I know you’ll find more bugs.


Alpha 2.05 is ready

Woot! Five updates in 5 days. I’m on a roll, but BARELY keeping up with all of the dedicated testers.

Why so many bug reports? Well, I have no QA team and have worked on it a solid year since the last alpha test. In other words, there are a lot of kinks to work out.

Here is the link to the latest 2.05 update:

[ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

These issues were addressed:

  • Planetary missile bases not triggering ship combat – by many
  • Jarring interruption when multiple notifications in a turn – by Ivankr
  • Maps do not always have requested number of opponents – by RattusNikkus
  • AI colonies should show their pop/factories/bases from the main screen – Rodrigo (by email)
  • Continue Game option should work at restart – by Reformations
  • Need zoom option on Map view – Rodrigo (by email)
  • Default missile base limit for captured colonies should be 1, not 0 -by Reformations
  • Defender count display not dropping when recapturing rebellious colony – by jeffreynya
  • When base upgrades are complete, DEF slider should go back to 0 – by Reformations
  • Ship spending slider drops to zero after completing a ship – oldgamer321
  • Tech discovery pct not correct – by Reformations
  • Altered ship color not displaying on fleet & planet views – by Reformations
  • Crash: too many fleets in combat – by Reformations
  • Colony bombardment should occur before troop invasion – by Reformations
  • Transport speed not displaying properly when traveling through nebula – by Reformations
  • Fixed ship weapon dmg issue causing multiple combats at same system – by Reformations
  • Fix issues with selecting on fleet destinations when other fleets are in the way – by oldgamer321
  • Increased map zoom in ability to help select on crowded maps – by me

Lots of nice updates in this one!

Alpha patch 2.04 is ready

A patch a day keeps the bugs away.

The big fixes involve proper terraforming of hostile planets and production bugs for colonies that were recently captured and had been in rebellion to another empire.

Here’s the link to the latest version: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here are the fixes applied:

  • Colony listing should indicate colonies in rebellion – by jeffreynya
  • Capturing an enemy colony in rebellion was bugged – by Reformations
  • Hostile planets not completing terraforming – by Reformations
  • Sometimes a stray homeworld in top left of galaxy – by me & Reformations
  • Starting missile base limit for each colony should be 1, not 0 – by me
  • Range display for systems too large now that it says “light-years” instead of “parsecs” – me
  • Can see enemy has terraforming techs by their +planet sizes – by Reformations
  • Pressing ENTER on Colonization screen should work – by Engerek01 (
  • Next spy will take 2 billion years to make – by Reformations
  • Crash on next turn on Tiny Map (sabotage error) – by Vendanna & Vrachos
  • GNN Rankings screen cannot handle more than 9 empires – by me
  • Error trying to divide a ship stack – by Marcin (from email)
  • Ship relocation line drawn incorrectly – by Reformations
  • AI repeatedly asking for peace treaty – by Reformations
  • Speed check needed on all alien animations – by Vrachos
  • Crash on Races UI when loading new game – by RattusNikkus

Alpha patch 2.03 is ready

OMG another patch already?!? This is ridiculous.

However, it seems that I have the greatest alpha testers in the world. Not only are they playing all these variations of games I haven’t, but because they are MOO1 fans they already KNOW exactly how the game is supposed to work and are finding all of the minor and obscure issues that professional QA organizations would dream of finding in a new game.

This version also addresses some of the memory problems a lot of people are seeing where the OS is not allocating enough memory to the game, forcing many players to use the command line to allocate enough memory to play. Now the game will recognize if it doesn’t have enough memory (and your PC has it available) and will restart itself with enough memory (up to 1G) to safely start the game up.

If you have a 16G computer and want to play with a 12G game, you’ll still need to use the command line for that, but it’s not that hard to do. But for casual gamers who just want to try out the game without hassle, this should make things a lot easier!

The latest version of the game can be found here: [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here are the bug fixes:

  • 4GB+ computers not allocating enough memory at startup – by many
  • AI Testing should not be the default setting – by me
  • Need Tiny Map size – by Reformations
  • Wording conflict between light-years & parsecs – by Vrachos
  • Bulrathi soldier talking animation is too fast – by Vrachos
  • Automated Repair System has all zeroes for size, space & cost – by Fariter
  • Can’t build factories past useable amount – by Reformations
  • Duplicate “Planet Reached Maximum…” messages – by Fariter
  • Next turn lag on Ludicrous maps  (440 colonies, sheesh!) – by Vendanna
  • Colony listing number column width too narrow when >100 colonies
  • Hostile planets not getting Terraforming Bonus – by Sky (from email)
  • Crash when scrolling map too quickly – by Vrachos
  • Techs should not auto-select for research if they are the only available techs in their category – by oldgamer321


Have fun and thanks for all of your help!

Alpha patch 2.02 is ready

I thought about taking a night off but there were 1 or 2 bugs that looked really annoying so I thought I would spend a couple of hours working tonight. Mostly, it was the problem with colonies also reverting back to the empire spending orders even when you explicitly override them! Man, that must have been annoying. My apologies — I never tested for a player doing that but it is fixed now.


A lot of testers are reporting memory problems because their OS is not allocating enough memory to the game when they start it by double-clicking. The proper way for me to solve this problem is to create a launcher that allocates memory to the game, but that will take a few days to figure out. Until then, you can manually start the game from a command line in the directory where the jar is located. With this command, you can specify precisely how much memory you want it to have. At least 1G is recommended, and 500M is the absolute bare minimum. It will scale back graphics and disable animations if you do only 500M.

Also note that the maximum map size you can create is validated against how much memory the game has been allocated.

To start with 4G of memory:  java -Xmx4g -jar RotP.jar

To start with 2G of memory: java -Xmx2g -jar RotP.jar

To start with 1G of memory: java -Xmx1g -jar RotP.jar

To start with 768M of memory: java -Xmx768m -jar RotP.jar

To start with 512M of memory: java -Xmx512m -jar RotP.jar


The public link to the Alpha 2.02 version is here:  [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

Here is the fix list:

  • Crashed on the Game Over screen! – by Sky (from email)
  • Too many troops on ground attacks don’t display correctly – from Sky (from email)
  • Psilon research bonus not working – by timoteob
  • Can change a locked slider by clicking directly on it – by timoteob
  • Colony shows Meklar are paying factory refit costs – by Sky (from email)
  • Slider spending orders now clear when slider is changed – by Sky (from email)
  • Artifact planet research bonus was too high – by timeteob
  • Crash when hovering over galaxy map – by Javier (from email)
  • Industry building more factories than useable by colony population – by Sky (from email)

Have fun and thanks for all of your valuable input!

How diplomacy spam control works

Diplomacy is extremely important to get “right” because it is the only place where the AI directly interacts with the player. This means that any bugs or shortcomings are immediately obvious and break immersion.

For example, if the AI is not developing colonies efficiently it’s not very obvious to most players until they start steamrolling the AI in the mid-game. But if the AI is making absurd diplomatic requests or denying requests that are clearly advantageous, then the player will notice right away.

Another problem is spam where the AI is constantly bugging the player but the player clearly doesn’t want to deal with the AI. Keeping the AI from spamming the player is important, but yet the player should be able to spam the AI if he so desires because, as we know, players are special snowflakes (actually, it’s really about the game not being opaque).

Here’s how diplomacy spam control works in ROTP:
— if the AI proposes a treaty (peace, pact, or alliance) and the player refuses, the AI goes through a cooldown based on the treaty type before it will ask again. If the player proposes and the AI refuses, the cooldown is set to 1 turn. This prevents the player from spamming the same request repeatedly in the same turn in order to beat the RNG.

— for trade treaties, a refusal by the player means the AI will wait until the cooldown AND the potential trade amount has increased. For example, if the player turns down a 50 BC trade treaty, the AI will not ask again until the cooldown is up and the trade treaty can be at least 75BC. Players just get a 1-turn cooldown like with the other treaties.

— for technology trades where the AI requests tech “A” in exchange for tech “B”, “C”, or “D” and the player refuses — the AI will no longer ask for tech “A” until he has a different tech (besides B,C,D) to offer. If the player changes his mind and wants to trade away A for B, C, or D, then he will have to initiate the request.

Finally, if the player wants no dealing at all with a particular AI empire, he is able to go to the Races->Embassy tab and close his embassy (a feature not in MOO1). Please note that there is a diplomatic penalty that exists as long as the embassy is closed, but you are guaranteed to never hear from that empire again.

Alpha 2.01 patch is ready

Thank you everyone who tested the game and reported problems. Since this is an evenings-only projecte for me, I do not have enough time to do adequate QA while developing new features. You guys are helping a lot!

The public link to the new version is here:  [ outdated link. see more recent post for latest version. ]

This is officially version “Alpha 2.01”. Lots of bugs fixed:

  • Changing the name when colonizing a new system isn’t working – by me
  • Diplomatic menu options go down too far – by me
  • Colony preview showing incorrect race name when race multiplier is used – by me
  • Colony ship descends too quickly when landing – by me
  • AI is spamming trade treaty requests if they are declined – by me
  • Crashed reported – by mikeva1956
  • Ship component availability from previous save game – by oldgamer321
  • Crash when showing Alkari Races-Military screen – by Nik (from email)
  • Can form trade agreement even when disabled – Fariter
  • Industry slider not showing “Max” vs. “Reserve” properly – by Reformations & Sky (from email)
  • Missile bases complete message keeps coming up – by Reformations
  • Spending orders for Soil Enrichment should not happen on hostile planets – by Sky (from email)
  • relocation sending all ships instead of just new ships – by Sky (from email)
  •  ship, transport and relocation lines are all the same color – by Reformations
  • Windows task bar concealing bottom of game – by orcasaredolphins
  • Ship Components not miniaturizing – by oldgamer321
  • AI Diplomacy spam control was also applying to player, resulting in “Too Soon” refusals to requests – by me

Thanks again!