Art: Sakkra Diplomat

Here is the artwork for the Sakkra diplomat. More greatness from Petar!


11 thoughts on “Art: Sakkra Diplomat”

  1. I think the whole game looks amazing except one very important thing, the map screen. and I don´t know why, i´m not a graphic designer, but somethinig seems off or dull in the map screen it looks like those windows 95 cheap games. I don´t know how or what would fix it, maybe give more shades, depth, or changing font? color? maybe changing the stars/ship icon? I don´t know, but it makes me sad because the rest of the game looks amazing.


      1. I´m a fan of moo1 is the only computer game that I still play today, otherwise i only play board game, board game ports and some “boardgamelike” games like spectromancer.

        But somehow the original looks better. Maybe is the colors? I don´t know


      2. Dunno. I sampled the same colors from the original game.

        TBH, I am (obviously) a huge MOO1 fan. However, I can’t play the game anymore because of the old user interface. ROTP has most definitely eclipsed the original game in this regard (imo) and ruined the original game for me.


    1. I looked at both MoO 1 and RotP maps, and I noticed one major difference. MoO 1 had those blue nebula stuff in the background, which fills up the empty space, but RotP does not. It only have the slow nebulas. This might explain why RotP map feels dull, because there’s no filler in the empty space.

      Hope this helps!


    1. Did you read the article he linked about “The Pitfalls of Post-Pixel Art”? There’s a quote in there that’s very relevant and that I agree with 100%:

      “No level of technology or spectacle can match the careful, hand-done touch of an artist. There are no shortcuts, and there are no algorithms. There is no cheap way to make it good, only relatively good ways to make it cheap.”

      What you are apparently noticing are areas where I had to algorithmically draw (the stars) or hand-draw (the ships) on the main map. I am not an artist and have never claimed to be. In fact, I am fully aware of my shortcomings as an artist which is why I have already spent a considerable amount of money (almost $10,000) to pay for a real artist to improve the game.

      The paid artwork for the game is not even close to being finished. In fact, it is primarily what is driving the development time of the game. I am not willing to cut corners on it because I believe it’s extremely important. When the last alpha was released, I tried to provide multiple disclaimers about artwork not being done.

      Petar and I have not even discussed the Main UI yet, but it will certainly get an artistic pass before the game is finished. I’m not sure what else I can do about it.


      1. Yeah, My point was in line with: I noticed you are spending a lot of money in the beatifull art of the game, maybe is worth to sacrifice a little of that to pay an artist/graphic designer to improve the most important part of the game, the main map, because it needs the help of a graphic designer, imo.
        that is the kind of point I wanted to make.
        As you , Im no graphical designer or artist, so I intuitively feel something is off or wrong, but I have no idea what it is or how to improve (thus why i posted in that forum for help, since that forum is wandered by indie developers with study in graphic design/art creation).

        It was just a “hey don´t lose sight of what I personally percieve to be the most important part visually and probably the weakest so far, at the same time” I think my work is done 🙂
        Your work is the most exciting thing happening in video games right now, so keeping a close look.


      2. ok, just to be clear you are asking me to do something that is already planned to be done. Like I said, I have already given multiple disclaimers about unfinished art.

        The alternative is simply for me to polish everything before ever releasing screenshots, but that’s not a very iterative development process so I haven’t done it.

        Thanks for your input!


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