Sakkra preview video


The Sakkra artwork has been integrated into the game. Here is a video showing it and contrasting it to the MOO1 original:



5 thoughts on “Sakkra preview video”

  1. What are the names for other Sakkra races when there are multiple in a single galaxy? I thought the ones you had in place for Bulrathi/Meklar were pretty good.


  2. Cool graphics; one suggestion though: When I get a spy hit, I already know I’m playing Sakkra, but the identity of my target is important information if I’m spying on multiple races. I would want the central figure in the screen where I choose the target tech field to convey that information.
    Alternatively, this screen is a good candidate for cutting away from the map — perhaps the surrounding elements for the tech field choice for a spy screen could be from the diplo screen for the target race?


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