Resizing the next alpha, shooting for March 2017

Originally, the next alpha was going to include ship combat, 2-3 more races and some other additional artwork. Unfortunately, all of the artwork for that would place the alpha at sometime in the fall of 2017, which seemed too far away.

I realize that this project is going to take a long time to finish because it is basically being pipelined through a handful of people (developer, artist & writer), each working on separate tasks.

However, there is a tremendous amount of value in public alphas with respect to user feedback so I don’t want to go too long between them. As a result, I think I am going to break the next alpha into two, smaller alphas. So, the current plan for the next alpha is below.  I’m hoping this can all be done about 4-6  months sooner, by March of 2017.


Definitely in (things to be done sooner rather than later):

  • New Races: Sakkra (complete), Darloks (art time: 3 months?)
  • New race-specific artwork: Transport Ships (in work, art time: 1  month?), combat animations for hostile environments (complete), GNN (art time: 3 months?)
  • UI work: new Descriptive race intro at startup, new Rankings UI, polish on Fleet & Ground Combat UIs, Help overlay on main map UI
  • Diplomatic Options: request ally to join war, require empire to break alliance with their ally

Possibly In (because of low artwork requirements):

  • Random  events not involving ship combat  (space crystal, amoeba)
  • Counter-offers for diplomatic requests

Definitely deferred until later (will take too long for a timely alpha):

  • Final 3 races: Human, Klackon, Mrrshan
  • Tactical Ship Combat
  • Orion system
  • Technology discovery holograms
  • Race-specific artwork  for sabotage options
  • Game Over animation sequences









4 thoughts on “Resizing the next alpha, shooting for March 2017”

  1. Great news. I still think there are order-of-operation issues when it comes to slider behavior and factory controls/pollution. Would like to do more debugging there in the next alpha 🙂


  2. Ray, are you intending for this to be an open-source type project? There may be other talented persons out there willing to help out with code, art, music, writing, and other necessary assets. If that’s something you are interested in, now is a good time to start thinking about putting out a publicly accessible repository. It’s also a good time to sort out the licensing and ownership of the art and content assets if you have not already done so. You can have open-source code with non-transferable art or vice-versa or both. I’m interested in what direction you intend to take the project.


    1. Leiavoia, this is not intended to be a collaborative project. I have a pretty clear vision of where I want it to go, and I intend to see it to that end. Along the way, I will be paying professional artists, musicians, writers, etc to do the things that I cannot do. I am not interested in soliciting free contributions because my past experience with those types of arrangements has not turned out well.

      Once the project is at a releasable state, I will be open-sourcing the code to allow other developers to fork the project and take it in whatever directions they want. I will obviously continue to maintain my repo and make additions to it.


  3. Disappointing to hear it’s not going to be opened up, although it’s understandable as managing multiple contributors becomes a task unto itself to maintain a consistent design position / architecture / style. If there were a point on which having multiple programmers contributing would be helpful, I wouldn’t mind trying to help out.


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