The Darloks are coming soon

Check out this image:


In MOO1, the Darloks were “shape-shifters”, but definitely had a non-corporeal vibe to them. This is probably because they were originally patterned after the Nazgul in Lord of the Rings.


In MOO2, Darloks became strictly biological and developed a less-mysterious look which they have retained through the latest MOO (althoughwith far superior artwork in MOO4). To the right is the MOO2 version of Darloks.


In all versions of MOO, the Darloks are master spies and considered very secretive. Anyway, Remnants is a MOO1 clone and will return the Darloks to their non-corporeal status.

The current plan is to cast the Darloks as refugees from a parallel dimension, escaping to ours and forming a new “homeworld” at Nazin. They are very secretive about their extra-dimensional nature and origin. Perhaps they fear being ostracized as aliens in the truest sense of the word, or perhaps the other races will learn about and open portals to their dimension. Obviously, Jeff (the writer) will flesh this out in very interesting ways.

Either way, it has to be more interesting than the standard one-dimensional caricature of the “dark shadowy Darloks”.

9 thoughts on “The Darloks are coming soon”

  1. This may be off topic and more to do with the 1.5 plans but I hope the lore allows Darloks to get away from their high-risk-medium-reward one-trick-pony play style of spying. Let them excel on chaos/spying even when other races do it.

    Earn credits when other races spy on each other (implying spies for hire)
    Gain diplomatic relations with empires that go to war against each other.
    A higher chance for espionage to add research option to Darloks available tech tree instead of giving tech directly.
    High ground combat bonus against enemy colonies in revolt


    1. Because I’m bored…

      –When Darloks in game all offensive spying rolls are increased throughout the galaxy (encourages chaos which helps Darloks).

      –Destroying factories in spy mission gives small % chance to discover tech for Darloks.

      –Darlok ships contain some of their parallel dimension properties and incoming damage is shared evenly across the top k ships within a stack. Large = 2, Medium = 4, Small = 8. Darlok ships cannot be repaired in combat. For example, instead of 18 damage destroying 1 medium ship, it takes 72 damage before destroying 4 ships. k could also be tied to armor tech equipped on the ship.

      – 1 out of every 100 Darlok ground combat troops that land on an enemy planet adds a spy against that race. This happens despite the outcome of combat.

      – Darlok spies never confess. (The confessing option actually makes multiple spy networks less likely to succeed because it only takes 1 critical failure to stop all other attempts).


      1. That’s like a grab bag of features that seem to have a generic effect of strengthening Darloks without adding anything to the gameplay.

        I think if I were to enhance Darloks for a 1.5 release it would have something to do with an added 1.5 feature…

        for example, perhaps Darloks get an additional spy mission to assassinate an enemy race’s leaders. This would be something new a player gets to do, but only when playing Darloks.


      1. Mainly I kept trying to make galaxy busy by making everybody at war with each other. But there’s a balance to that, at the same time prevent them from wiping each other out if I can help it. I try to preserve as many empire as I can, because as long as they exist they are a resource for my tech spying until I overtook them eventually.

        I try to be 2nd or 3rd on the military standing so as not to be pushovers or at least same level as my neighbors.

        Huge focus on gifts & trade to improve relationship among other empire.


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