More planned visual updates

I received a score of new proposed screenshots from our graphic designer tonight… upgrading the UI look is going to keep me busy for a while! This, of course, will be available for everyone in the next alpha sometime in the Spring.

Here are some  sample shots of the System Scouted notification, and the prompt to colonize a new system:


Of course, these are just mockups of the dialogs,  so don’t freak out about the proper system being selected. Also, the background won’t be that grayed out.  But you get the idea, I hope.

Why you need a graphic designer

This is part 2 of my continuing series, “Things I’m not good at”

I’ve just received a mockup of the new Galaxy map from our graphics designer and it proves the old adage,  “Don’t do what you can find someone else to do better”.

I don’t know if that’s actually an old adage, but it should be because it’s completely true. When you see the screenshots below, you’ll know why.

Mockup created by an actual graphic designer in a few hours:


UI developed by a computer programmer over months of trial and error:



Original screen from MOO1 using VGA graphics in 1993: