Rankings screen mockups

Below are mockups for the rankings screen, which will display under the Races tab. This is what I’ll be working on over the next week. It’s not just UI code since I’ll have to track historical data for the races which I am not currently doing.

Thanks to Kaitlin Lindsay again for the mockups.

The first one will show the current rankings of each race in 6 categories. This will be accessed when you’ve selected your race (top race) and a “Status” tab across the top — not shown in this mockup.


If you select an empire from  the list of contacted races (bottom right), you will get a historical display for that race in the 6 categories compared to your race.


The black vertical bars are meant to show values are particular years. The exact functionality of them is still in discussion. Most likely they will move in parallel across all categories at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Rankings screen mockups”

  1. the Silicoid neon green font (under the leader picture) is not consistent with the bar color. Got me confused a bit.

    With regard to the vertical black bar; perhaps it changes color when the year corresponds to major historical event (war declared, losing a planet, discovering tech, allegiance sign etc) concerning the race that’s tracked in your historical data logger. When the vertical line change color, the text summary of the event is displayed some where. Very VLOOKUP-ish.


  2. There are also races listed in the rankings that are not on the contact list on the right. In other words, it’s a mockup. I gave the illustrator an existing screenshot with the empty space for the rankings and she gave me a layout to go by for the rankings.

    I’ve thought about integrating historical event data with the timeline, but it needs more thought. That will probably occur on a later pass.


    1. Storing milestones as ‘turn_number’ => ‘label’ would allow you to put meaningful labels on the graphs. We often see changes in curves in these types of games and then have difficulty referencing it to a particular game event. It would be great if the game did this automatically. Would not be difficult. Trackable milestones might include: “declared war on “, “orion conquered”, ” defeated”, ” created”, etc


  3. Lets try that again without angle brackets:
    Trackable milestones might include: “declared war on {RACE}“, “orion conquered”, ” {RACE} defeated”, ”{SHIPDESIGN} created”, etc


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