The Silicoid Intro

Below is a screenshot of the Silicoid intro. A couple of notes:

  1. I have no idea who the “Children of Nolsyrc” are, although “Nolsyrc” is a reversal of “Cryslon”, the name of their homeworld. Clearly from the text these “children” are  viewed as enemies of the Silicoids. Obviously it can’t simply be every other race because then diplomacy with the Silicoids would not be possible. This is clearly a mystery we will see unfold over time.
  2. All races in MOO1 start on a size-100 Terran world around a Yellow star. In ROTP, I really felt the need to make an exception for the Silicoids since they are an especially unusual form of life (lithovores). They instead orbit a blue star (no game effect) and start on a size-100 Dead planet. The only gameplay difference this should have is that other races would not be able to send military  transports to Cryslon until they can colonize Dead planets. From the Silicoid’s perspective, there is no advantage  to  being on a Dead planet or a Terran world if the sizes are the same.

It’s a change, but it does allow us to sharpen the background lore around the Silicoids and not have to justify how a Terran environment can exist in a world where a civilized lithovore species is otherwise “destroying” the environment.


8 thoughts on “The Silicoid Intro”

  1. Quick question. Will silicoids have access to atmospheric terraforming in rotp? (And get extra pop for the process?). If so that could make cryslon best starting world down the line.


      1. They don’t get the population GROWTH bonus (which is appropriate) but I always found it annoying that they lose out on the 20% (50%) base population bonus going fertile/gaia.

        Not a biggie.


      2. Yes, that will all get fixed with the 2.0 release. The Silicoids will have lithoforming techs that work like terraforming and enrichment techs. Of course, from the perspective of non-lithovores, this makes the planets less habitable.


      3. Hmmm. Thoughts on what happens when it comes to espionage with these ‘replacement’ techs? I think race specific techs are interesting but more from an an ‘extra’ tech to research rather than a replacement of a large tract.

        If silicoids steal terraforming +40 do they treat that as litoforming+40? Would it be impossible for another race to trade/teal regular terraforming tech from a silicoid?


  2. > If silicoids steal terraforming +40 do they treat that as litoforming+40?

    Right. These are the kinds of things that compel me to tread very delicately with game design changes and even those will be in a 2.0 version.. leaving the original game untouched.


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