Darlok Soldier

The mysterious Darloks have arrived to the ROTP universe….  FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE!

These guys are not shape-shifters from MOO2. That’s boring! These guys are from another universe; one in which physical laws are not exactly the same. As a result, they have physical properties that don’t make sense to our brains such as being incorporeal. They can change shape and some believe that they can even pass through solid surfaces.

However, in many ways our universe is a mystery to them as well. As a result, they often find it easier to steal technology from other races rather than research it themselves.

Are they evil or simply misunderstood? Are they refugees from another dimension, or the vanguard of an interdimensional war? TRUST NO ONE!



7 thoughts on “Darlok Soldier”

  1. It always bugged me how, in an universe where soldiers use powered armor and energy rifles, Darloks are depicted going to battle wielding fuckin’ SWORDS! Badass yes, but not very practical.


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