We add a 5th member to the team

Kaitlin Lindsay, who had signed on earlier to do illustrations for the game manual has agreed to join the development team as a graphic designer. Her role will primarily be to design and/or improve the look of the UIs in the game. It’s a specific set of skills that no one else on the team has and should add a bit more visual polish to the game as she works her way through it.

I should point out that her primary qualifications are:

  • She has the artistic skill and aesthetic sense needed for the job
  • She’s never played any of the Master of Orion games
  • She thinks most of the current UIs are subpar (lousy)

So, in summary, the current team consists of:

  • Writer – Jeff  Colucci
  • Developer – Ray Fowler (me)
  • Graphic Designer – Kaitlin Lindsay
  • Illustrator – Petar Penev
  • Composer – Efe Tozan

I’m also now looking for a sound designer!

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