Status History, by Race

Part  of the  “Status” feature is to give the player a view into the history of progress for a particular race. This report was not in the original MOO1 but is useful nonetheless. Here is an in-game example:


Also, a slight tweak to the earlier UI to allow it to display more races:



I’m going to shelf any more Status related changes since this is pretty good for now. I’ll definitely come back and add more after it’s had time to marinate in my head.

Next up are additional diplomatic options.


We add a 5th member to the team

Kaitlin Lindsay, who had signed on earlier to do illustrations for the game manual has agreed to join the development team as a graphic designer. Her role will primarily be to design and/or improve the look of the UIs in the game. It’s a specific set of skills that no one else on the team has and should add a bit more visual polish to the game as she works her way through it.

I should point out that her primary qualifications are:

  • She has the artistic skill and aesthetic sense needed for the job
  • She’s never played any of the Master of Orion games
  • She thinks most of the current UIs are subpar (lousy)

So, in summary, the current team consists of:

  • Writer – Jeff  Colucci
  • Developer – Ray Fowler (me)
  • Graphic Designer – Kaitlin Lindsay
  • Illustrator – Petar Penev
  • Composer – Efe Tozan

I’m also now looking for a sound designer!

UI: Status rankings

The status rankings list is done, matching the mockup made earlier as closely as possible. There is another “history” view for a particular race still to do; it was not in the original  MOO1,  however.

Below is an in-game  screenshot. If there are more than 5 races, the top 5 are show for each category. If the player is not within the top 5 in a category, only the top 4 will be shown with the player at the bottom  of the list.



Darlok Soldier

The mysterious Darloks have arrived to the ROTP universe….  FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE!

These guys are not shape-shifters from MOO2. That’s boring! These guys are from another universe; one in which physical laws are not exactly the same. As a result, they have physical properties that don’t make sense to our brains such as being incorporeal. They can change shape and some believe that they can even pass through solid surfaces.

However, in many ways our universe is a mystery to them as well. As a result, they often find it easier to steal technology from other races rather than research it themselves.

Are they evil or simply misunderstood? Are they refugees from another dimension, or the vanguard of an interdimensional war? TRUST NO ONE!


The Silicoid Intro

Below is a screenshot of the Silicoid intro. A couple of notes:

  1. I have no idea who the “Children of Nolsyrc” are, although “Nolsyrc” is a reversal of “Cryslon”, the name of their homeworld. Clearly from the text these “children” are  viewed as enemies of the Silicoids. Obviously it can’t simply be every other race because then diplomacy with the Silicoids would not be possible. This is clearly a mystery we will see unfold over time.
  2. All races in MOO1 start on a size-100 Terran world around a Yellow star. In ROTP, I really felt the need to make an exception for the Silicoids since they are an especially unusual form of life (lithovores). They instead orbit a blue star (no game effect) and start on a size-100 Dead planet. The only gameplay difference this should have is that other races would not be able to send military  transports to Cryslon until they can colonize Dead planets. From the Silicoid’s perspective, there is no advantage  to  being on a Dead planet or a Terran world if the sizes are the same.

It’s a change, but it does allow us to sharpen the background lore around the Silicoids and not have to justify how a Terran environment can exist in a world where a civilized lithovore species is otherwise “destroying” the environment.


Rankings screen mockups

Below are mockups for the rankings screen, which will display under the Races tab. This is what I’ll be working on over the next week. It’s not just UI code since I’ll have to track historical data for the races which I am not currently doing.

Thanks to Kaitlin Lindsay again for the mockups.

The first one will show the current rankings of each race in 6 categories. This will be accessed when you’ve selected your race (top race) and a “Status” tab across the top — not shown in this mockup.


If you select an empire from  the list of contacted races (bottom right), you will get a historical display for that race in the 6 categories compared to your race.


The black vertical bars are meant to show values are particular years. The exact functionality of them is still in discussion. Most likely they will move in parallel across all categories at the same time.