The new Fleet & Rally screens

I’m still working on the UI graphical redesign, and finished up the side panels for Fleets & Rally Points this week. They definitely look nicer and are more intuitive to use.

Here’s the first Fleet Deployment panel you might see in a new game, where you are sending one of your first scouts out to an unknown system:


And below is a shot of the Set Rally Point feature (was called Ship Relocation in the original game), and it gives a nice graphical display of what you are doing.


Another  nice feature is that you don’t have to “know” that you unset a rally point by having a system send to itself. Now there is a clear, red “Stop Rally” button when that option is available.

I’m loaded down with at least another 3 weeks of work from the graphic designer, but I’ll try to give decent screenshots as they finish.

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