The new Fleet & Rally screens

I’m still working on the UI graphical redesign, and finished up the side panels for Fleets & Rally Points this week. They definitely look nicer and are more intuitive to use.

Here’s the first Fleet Deployment panel you might see in a new game, where you are sending one of your first scouts out to an unknown system:


And below is a shot of the Set Rally Point feature (was called Ship Relocation in the original game), and it gives a nice graphical display of what you are doing.


Another  nice feature is that you don’t have to “know” that you unset a rally point by having a system send to itself. Now there is a clear, red “Stop Rally” button when that option is available.

I’m loaded down with at least another 3 weeks of work from the graphic designer, but I’ll try to give decent screenshots as they finish.


The Sakkra Introduction

Just so you know, all of the races are being given unique backstories and motivations that match their in-game racial abilities and tendencies. These backstories will be detailed in the manual as well as alluded to extensively within the game, including the introduction of the race to the player when you start the game.

Below is the Sakkra introduction.






Playing without the internet

I’m not really a fan of online game distribution and, by that, I essentially mean Steam. I grew to adulthood before the Internet, before Windows, and heck, even before the PC. As a result, I tend to be a little “old school” and prefer to own physical copies of things I purchase. For example, I still buy CDs for music and DVDs for movies. Of course, I still rip them to mp3/mp4 and use them electronically! However, I always have a physical backup if I ever need to restore my digital copy.

It’s getting harder and harder to find games for which you can buy boxed sets and install without access to the internet. With the recent blockbuster release of Sid Meier’s Civilization 6: More of the Same, I decided to compile a list of 4X games that you can still install on your PC and play after the Zombie Apocalypse brings down the internet and we are forced to play huddled next to our PCs, behind barricaded doors and windows.

Why is being “internet free” important for single-player games? Well, maybe it’s not anymore — I could be wrong! Maybe Steam will never declare bankruptcy, get DDOS’d to death, or hacked and install shitware on your PC when you fire up Sid Meier’s Civilization 8: We’re Still Out of Ideas. However, we all know there’s definitely a non-zero chance of any of those things happening. Also, my purchase and play history isn’t packaged into a new dataset for use by whoever wants to sell me stuff. I am willing to and have generally paid a little extra for this old-school feature.

But to me, it’s mostly about truly owning what you purchase and being able to install it on any PC you own without restriction or sell it to whomever you want without restriction. In other words,


For the same reason, I don’t stream content like movies or music. I know digital crack when I see it. You may have surmised that I am a free software advocate (free as in speech, not free as in beer) which is why ROTP is going to be both free and open-sourced when it’s completed. It’s also why there will be a real boxed set available when it’s done for those few remaining souls, like me, who’d prefer to have a hard copy. But mostly I just wanted to post that baby picture.

Games  that  ARE  internet  free:

  • Civilization series: any up to 4  (still great)
  • Master of Orion series: any up to 3
  • Galactic Civilizations: 1
  • Distant Worlds: Universe
  • Polaris  Sector

Upcoming Games to be published by Iceberg Interactive and therefore MAY BE internet free:

  • Stars in Shadow
  • Lord of Rigel

Games that definitely ARE NOT internet free:

  • Civilization 5,  6
  • Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars
  • Galactic Civilizations 2 & 3
  • Stellaris
  • StarDrive 2

Popular Games I’ve never played and don’t know about:

  • Endless Space
  • Endless Legend

Any help with this list, especially 4x games I’ve left off, would be appreciated  🙂