It’s ‘Development Build December’

The next Alpha is still 4-5 months away, which feels like an eternity, so I thought some of you might like access to my running development build just so you can see where the game is currently at. Also remember that the “State of the Game” link on the top left will be continually updated with changes. This build will work through the end of the year.

Here is the current link of the development build:



Also remember that this is an executable Java JAR file. If you have the Java 8 runtime engine installed, you can just double-click the file to run. You can run this game on any Windows, Mac or Linux PC with at least 1 GB of RAM. No special video cards are required.

BIG DISCLAIMER: this is not an Alpha, but a development version in between two Alphas. For example:

  • There may be bugs lurking in there that make it unplayable. I haven’t tested it thoroughly.
  • Some of the UIs are visually “broken” while I continue to work through the extensive UI revamp
  • Not all of the Darlok  images are integrated yet
  • The “hooks” to switch between English and Polish are in place, but translation work has not begun yet (except the game title).
  • Other stuff

18 thoughts on “It’s ‘Development Build December’”

    1. can you double-check that you’re not running a copy of the previous alpha? Check the file size of the jar you are running. The link in this post definitely downloads the latest dev build (over 220 megs) which is about 50 megs larger than the previous alpha (about 165-170 meg)


      1. It’s the 222m one, I downloaded again and ran strait from crone browser. Still get the same message, game has expired.


  1. This is really weird. Somewhere, somehow, you’ve still got the last June alpha on your PC and are running that. Hunt that sucker down and delete it? The ‘expiration date’ for this jar is 1/1/17. I”m uploading a 12/2 version now with a fix for a crash that someone reported on the subreddit, so I’m confident that the proper jar is up on my side. 😦


    1. you were correct, i had to delete old version along with saves and all, re downloaded and that worked. thanks, and it does look great!!


  2. Hi! Congratulations, you and your team are doing an excellent job! As you have the Polish translation option, I could help you with the Spanish one (if there’s no one else who volunteered before), I’ll really like to help with your effort, it’s really looking so good!


  3. I am wondering if you are going to include an option in the final version of the game to have the menus look and act as they did in the original game. Also I tried to run your newest version, but when I tried the game on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 using openjdk 8 runtime the game freezes with an infinity load when I try to start the game. Right when I hit OK it freezes on creating galaxy.


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