Mockup: Espionage Prompt

Here’s an example of a mockup that I received from our graphic designer as part of the UI revamp. It’s much cleaner than what is in the current iteration of the game. Unselectable sections are grayed out, and the buttons will turn green when you hover over them.


Just to remind everyone that there are currently 6 people actively working on this game, and probably a 7th soon as we start making individualized music themes for each race.


4 thoughts on “Mockup: Espionage Prompt”

  1. How about giving player option to pass?

    Maybe they have a specific target in mind and don’t want to risk a war by being forced into stealing ecm mk II when they really only want atmospheric terraforming.

    I’m not suggesting that players choose what areas to spy in a priori. The same system is still used, players can just choose to not steal after seeing what areas are available.

    In general this decreases risk of spying slightly while not changing the reward. Seems like a good step in my mind.

    Perhaps this could be a Darlok specific trait.


    1. I dunno. You’ve actively commissioned a spy to infiltrate deep into an enemy empire and steal technology. When he comes back with one, you can’t say “put it back”.

      If anything, the selection of the category should be done at the beginning (when you set a spy to espionage) or be random.


  2. I don’t think it makes sense to have the option to pass, your spy is already infiltrated, the risk of being caught is already there.
    If you just wanted to know their tech you already have the idle option.


  3. The original actually had a pass option, you just had to click outside the window. Nobody really knew about it though because it was unreported.


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