Dev changes – 12/5

For those interested in what’s going in each iteration of the development build

In the 2016.12.05 build:

  • disable Rally Point & Send Transports buttons if you have only one colony
  • in the Ship Construction area on the colony panel, you can now click the ship name to advance to the next design or mousewheel through it
  • the Begin button on the Introduction screen has been restyled
  • The Allocate Spending prompt that shows up when you need to reallocate spending after completing factories (or whatever) will now also show up for colonies that have had missile bases or factories destroyed by enemy saboteurs. Good to know!

That’s at my limit of 2 hours of work tonight!

Remember, you can download the developer build from here:

2 thoughts on “Dev changes – 12/5”

    1. Not really. I have an arrangement with Wargaming to keep the game free in exchange for using the MOO “universe”, and I think asking for donations would violate the spirit of that arrangement.

      Plus, I don’t really need the money. I have a good day job.


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