Mass Rally Point Changes

They look like below. In this shot, 6 rich/ultra-rich planets have rally points set to a particular system. But you can see that it is easy to mass-stop or mass-start rally points with a click of a button.

You can even use the query to filter your list and then go to the map to click/unclick systems to the list before you hit the button to change rally points.

In addition, those filters are togglable. For example, the resources filter toggles from “Ultra-Rich” to “Rich or Ultra-Rich” to “Poor or Ultra-Poor” to “Ultra-Poor”, which gives you a finer type of control.

Keep in mind that the screenshot below is still a prototype and will go through additional visual enhancements at the hands of the graphic designer. This UI had a lot of experimental ideas in it so it’s been a back & forth process between us.





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