Bombing Planets, and more

Well, the back and forth on the Fleets UI capability has resulted in some near-final mockups for me to implement. As you can see below, what’s coming up will look better than what I threw together.

Today, I also changed the bombing prompt (“Do you want to bomb planet XXX?”) to be back on the primary main map rather than bringing up a separate screen as it worked in the last alpha. This is in direct response to feedback from testers and, as some of you may have figured out by now, I definitely listen to constructive feedback.

Here is the new bombing prompt:


Looks cool! There will eventually be some explosion animations on this when you click “Yes” but that’s lower priority for now.

Here are the more final mockups of some of the Fleet UI screens I was working on last week. There’ll be effort over the coming week to bring what I’ve done into more visual alignment with these:






9 thoughts on “Bombing Planets, and more”

  1. Yay! Being able to see the location on the map (rather than just a planet name) makes this much easier to keep track of when multiple fleets are orbiting around the map.


  2. In the original game, bombing was a yes/no option. There are times however when you want to soften up a colony but you have enough ships to completely obliterate it. I’m not sure if you want to keep it as-is, or allow a MOO2-style progressive bombing with a “Stop” option.


    1. For the MOO1 ruleset, you will have a Yes/No option. For the expanded rulesets, you will have a little more control. Probably more like 25/50/75/100% rather than a “Stop” option. The latter presumes that all death and destruction from large-scale bombing comes with the attack when in reality it’s a lot less predictable than that. Players should not have that fine of a control over bombing a planet from orbit.


    1. Some, but not many, have question my decision to stick with the MOO1 layout and color scheme, but I have no plans of watering down this game and making look like every other space 4X made in the past 10 years.


      1. _Thank_ you for that!

        (And for the project in general… I just wish my wife had lived to be able to play it, as we’ve been horribly disappointed in every space 4x since MOO1.)


  3. Hello. Just a suggestion given you actually went ahead and created GNN robots for all the races, what about making one more of the original GNN robot?
    That’s be pretty cool and not much work I’d imagine, since you could’ve gone with just the 1 in the first place?

    Thanks. Love this project.


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