50,000 stars? That’s so quaint. Here’s a bajillion

This is the net result of me deciding to go over the game’s performance with a finer-toothed comb than before. My compulsive desire for performance tuning my code is now sated, so I will go back to finishing up the feature changes remaining for the next developer build coming in a few weeks.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

4 thoughts on “50,000 stars? That’s so quaint. Here’s a bajillion”

  1. That is little too much.
    Anyway there is the question.
    Is the current build(or any build) available for download or I am just dumb and can’t find it?


  2. Huh,stopping after only getting to a bajillion? Seriously though, amazing.
    To sarissoforoi–there is no developer build currently available. there will be a new developer build in a few weeks, as noted in the original post. Looking forward to it. I might suggest tasering the artist on occasion to encourage speeding things up, but that might just leave him jumpy and irritable. i was not an immediate fan when learning that the artwork is consuming a great deal of time, but, having now seen numerous examples of the work, the art is gorgeous and will add a lot to the enjoyment and immersion with the game.
    Can’t wait.


  3. Originally I had mixed feelings about the lengthening of the project due to the increased emphasis on artwork. However, the artwork is amazing and having a lot of unique artwork will not only add to the immersion (the main goal) but will make the game stand out from the ridiculous mass of space 4X games in or entering the market.

    Until then, my advice for those who are impatient is to invest in a quality indie space 4X game to pass the time… Polaris Sector and Stars in Shadow are both new and available.


    1. I have over 200 hours in Stars in Shadow—it is a very good game, with good dialogue, interesting races, and fun graphics. It irks me to see people give a review of the game after playing for an hour or so, and saying it is too “simple”. They haven’t played long enough to understand how the mechanics interact with each other, or how different galaxy setups and races yield different games. Easy to understand mechanics does not mean a game is “simple” and insanely obscure mechanics does not make a game “good”.

      In any event, I have started a game of MOO to get the proper mindset for the upcoming developer build, and I have clearly lost a step. I opted for Darloks on Average difficulty for a cakewalk game, and have been getting my butt kicked all around the galaxy by the Psilons. I have stolen enough technology now for a hunter-killer fleet, so am plotting revenge.

      Probably a good time to re-read the Prima game manual that I still have.


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