Next release is about a week away

The GNN artwork has been completed and Petar is working on one minor GNN artwork item before he’s done. Kaitlin is done with her graphic design work planned for this release. Jeff is furiously working on the race-specific advisor text, and then he’s done.

All that is left is for me to integrate the artwork, finish some polish on the Fleets UI, fix a few bugs I’ve found while testing, and then do some compatibility testing on the Raspberry Pi 3.

After that, I’ll make a couple of brief videos — a “What’s changed since the last release” along with a brief Let’s Play for people new to the game.

It’s all on me now and my calendar is free over the entire weekend, so hopefully it will be ready late next week or just after the following weekend.

The game is still in an alpha state but I think the alpha testers from last summer will see very visible progress towards eventual completion.

4 thoughts on “Next release is about a week away”

  1. I just discovered this project, and I am super excited and impressed at your progress so far. Great work! I can’t wait to try the Alpha!


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