Alpha 3.01 (patch) is already here

Just in case you didn’t know, I hate software bugs… especially those in my code.

Two problems showed up pretty quickly related to systems that I did not have much opportunity to test on.

Here’s the Alpha 3.01 download link:

(replaced with a more recent patch. Please check the blog for updated links)


Here is a description of the fixes:

  • (Windows) The bottom half of the Main menu bar was being truncated. This has to do with Windows frame labels being sized differently (and larger) than Linux frame labels that I developed with. The game now recognizes the difference and sizes appropriately
  • (Raspberry Pi) The JavaFX library, which is used to play mp3 files, is not loaded onto the basic Java JRE loaded onto Raspberry Pis. These missing classes were causing the game to not start. Now, if these classes are missing, the game will simply disable all sounds rather than crash. Not a perfect solution, but better than crashing.

On a related note, if you are running the game from a command line, please include an extra dummy argument. If the game does not see this argument and your PC does not have a lot of memory, it tries to automatically restart with an appropriate heap size. The more I think about this, the dumber I think it is. I’ll probably remove it at some point

The command should like something like this:

java -jar Remnants.jar xxx

where ‘xxx’ is the dummy argument.

3 thoughts on “Alpha 3.01 (patch) is already here”

  1. Hello, what argument should i put, please, show me an exemple.
    When i put nothing, the program adds “arg1” and stops
    I dont know java at all 😦


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