Alpha 3.02 has arrived

Generally I’ll do one patch/day until everything looks stable. But a serious bug, like the one that completely prevents you from sending transports, gets fixed ASAP.

Here’s the download link for Alpha 3.02:

(no longer available. Check more recent post for next patch)

Here’s what’s fixed:

  • Game no longer crashes when trying to send transports. I accidentally broke this yesterday when fixing some other code.
  • The default number of opponents is now 6 (max) instead of 0. This prevents situations where you start a game without realizing that you are playing by yourself.

5 thoughts on “Alpha 3.02 has arrived”

  1. This is an open alpha. The two ridiculous critical bugs (one was Pi-only) have already been addressed. I have no problem with anyone looking over the game. It is an alpha, though, so it is not feature complete.


  2. Ray, all those years ago, when you talked about making this game on the old Atari boards and now you actually are getting it done. I am going to enjoy the game for sure. So many times I ran in to your posts on the various 4x boards and I was having great doubts, but now you are in the home stretch, great job. I use to think that the threads look so forlorn. Glad you did not give up.


    1. vmxa, as one of the old-time MOO1 players that inspired me years ago to believe that others besides myself would like this to happen, your words mean a lot to me.

      I started java MOO way back then as a professional excuse to learn Java, and simply grew disheartened in the project when it was clear that the game was not going to turn out well. It was, to be perfectly blunt, butt ugly.

      But a couple of years ago, after years of working on other hobby projects, I got the itch to restart the project. My Java skills were much, much better than 10 years ago, I am in a much better financial position to hire other talented professionals, and I also learned a lot from the first attempt about the pitfalls of attempting an indie game.

      So here we are! It’s a big project with still another 1.5-2 years of artwork to go, but there’s no reason why it cannot finish.

      I hope it meets your expectations from way back then.


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