Alpha 3 is now available

The Alpha 3 version of Remnants is now available for download and testing. Any system with at least 512 Mb of RAM and Java 8 installed should be able to run the game. Simply create a folder for it and you should be able to run the game by double-clicking it. Saved game files will be stored in the same folder.
You can view an introductory video of the game here:

If you do not have it, the Java 8 runtime environment can be downloaded for free from Oracle at:

The latest Alpha version of the game (3.20) can be downloaded from my google drive at:



Please note that this is the first public version in several months. I’ve tried to stamp out as many bugs as I could find, but I am sure there will be a few more found in the first few days of the alpha!

These are the major changes since the last alpha:
  • addition of the Darlok & Sakkra races
  • Galactic Council & GNN artwork
  • introductory text for each race
  • new player tips in the form of Advisor dialogs
  • graphically revamped interfaces for the Main UI and related dialogs
  • graphically revamped Planets UI
  • updated Fleet UI with advanced fleet management features
  • improved memory usage to allow larger galaxies
  • all Ogg audio files replaced with mp3 for quality reasons
Please report any problems to the ROTP subreddit at

10 thoughts on “Alpha 3 is now available”

  1. When I unzip it, I do not see a jar file. If I just click on the packed file, it will invoke winzip or winrar. What am I missing?


      1. Well I got to the proper drive and the directory with the jar file, but windows says java is not recognized. I guess I never actually installed it. I forgot what is need for tar file. I just unzipped it.


  2. Just tried out this alpha…fantastic work. While it departs a bit in form and feel, it definitely is all MOO at heart. The artwork was fantastic, and I liked the modern quality of life enhancements you’ve made (such as selecting fleets by filter, etc). I also especially liked the fact that I could click on an existing ship in the design pane and it repopulated with it’s specs — made managing several classes of ships pretty slick. Oh, and the mouse-wheel on items…genius. Hated that tedious clicking! I can’t wait to see when the tactical battle is implemented!

    I am not sure it’ll help, but here are some of my first impressions as I played a Tiny map with 5 opponents (I know, I know, it’s an Alpha, just trying to be helpful). Anxious to see what else you come up with next!

    1. The trade offerings are way too often (and often were only able to offer me garbage for my huge tech after I outstripped them in tech making it automatic denial) — maybe need to put in a “must be x close” in tech before they’ll even bother trying to offer, or a decline trade for x turns option if you’re too insulted by their offer? I noticed you mentioned in your video that they’re truly supposed to forget the trade when selected, but didn’t seem to be that way (unless it was just all the races offered the same one’s repeatedly, which is possible)

    2. While I understand why you added the alerts for the spies, I found it more of a distraction than useful, such that I simply started ignoring it rather than using the info it provided. Since it seems all empires will spy, I didn’t find it helpful to know that they were indeed spying. Maybe allow the user to turn this notification off altogether?

    3. CPU had a ton of ships flying around with single ships in fleets. While I know the original game had some of this, and I was playing on a tiny map, but it felt at times like I was literally being swarmed by a ton of single ship fleets just passing by me. Made for a little difficulty to see what was actually going on around me. Not sure if this is intentional, or simply because I was playing on a Tiny map, but it did just look strange at times,

    4. Lastly, one thing that caught me off guard is that if I set a relay point for a ship being produced, it didn’t start relocating the same turn it was created like the original game. I thought the relay was simply broken the first time, but then realized they appeared in orbit the first turn, then starting moving the next. Not sure this was intentional, just another observation.

    Only three actual bugs I noticed where:
    1. The world pane (with the sliders) disappeared after returning from a few events on an end turn, and wouldn’t return until I restarted the game. It only happened once, so not exactly sure what I did.
    2. I had a retreating scout that was only retreating from 3 light-years away from the nearest star I owned, but after it got home, it sat there undeployable and every year it ticked up the ‘ETA to Mentar’ instead of down. I simply scrapped my scouts and it resolved as a result, but I do have a screenshot if it’d help…just shows what I said is true.
    3. If you use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust weapon counts, the cost wasn’t updated right away. I had to modify something else (such as click an arrow once) before it’d update.


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