Alpha 3.03 is available

If you’ve never played one of the Remnants alpha, get used to this. I am very paranoid about leaving bugs in the game for players to hit, so when a new alpha is out I generally put out a new patch every night until I feel like the game is in stable shape.

You can download the version Alpha 3.03 from this link:

(next patch is available, check more recent posts)


Two more bugs fixed tonight:

  • Using the Fleet UI to send transports from multiple planets would crash the game if one of the source planets was unable to send transports (i.e. a population of 1, rebelling, etc). There will now be a nice message for the planet.
  • The game would hang if a ship combat exceeded the max allowable turns (100) if no one retreated. Now a forced retreat will occur for the attacking fleet in this case.

4 thoughts on “Alpha 3.03 is available”

  1. GB, I had a similar problem. I had forgot too much, but finally figured out my problem, other than being 71. Windows had associated the file as a zip file. It would use winrar on it.

    I went in and associated it to us jar. I was then able to db click and get it to execute. Well I did , after I finally install java.


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