Alpha 3.04 is in the house

Woke up this morning to a bug report happening in ship combat, which was in an area of code I touched in the last patch to fix a hanging problem in 3.03. Anyway, it’s possible this new bug was introduced so I don’t have a good feel for if it will be frequent or rare. It might be frequent so I am putting out a fix for it this morning before I head off to work.

You can download 3.04 here:

(replaced by newer version)

Bug fixed:

  • System would crash during next turn after a ship combat (you or the AI) in certain situations around uncolonized planets..

8 thoughts on “Alpha 3.04 is in the house”

  1. What you are doing with that command is ensuring that the game is given at least 1 gig (1024m) of memory when it runs. If the game doesn’t run by double-clicking the jar, that tells me that your operating system isn’t giving it enough memory to run (Windows is notorious for this).

    If you want to give even more memory, for example, you can do this for 2 gigs:
    java -Xmx2g Remnants.jar aaa

    Of course, you cannot give it more memory than your PC has, so only you know the upper limit.


    1. Yes, but show me an example for “aaa”, please … I dont understand what it means (i m newbee, in Java !)

      Indeed, i’m happy to have been able to run the game 🙂

      I’ve played few minuts and i really feel the playing of Moo1 !!! thank you for that !


      1. The last argument after Remants.jar can be anything, it just needs to be there. aaa, bbb, xyz, whatever you want. The game starts a little differently whether there is an argument there or not. If there is no argument, it thinks you are starting it by double-clicking the jar file.


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