Alpha 3.05 has landed

Another day, another bug fix. All in all, it’s much quieter than the previous alpha!

Alpha version 3.05 of Remnants is now available for download. You can get it here:

(updated with a new patch)


It includes the following fixes:

  • Game no longer crashes if a race declares war on you and their casus belli is not set. I haven’t yet tracked down why it’s not yet, but the game will treat this case as a generic war of “hate” rather than crashing.
  • Bombardment panel – when your colony is bombarded but no damage is taken, the notice flashes briefly and goes away. It’s not supposed to flash at all! This has been fixed. Also, a font sizing problem with the title of this display has been fixed as well
  • Player leader name – the game was allowing you to select a leader name at start but not properly saving it once the game started, leading the AI races to refer to you by a randomly selected leader name for your race. This problem is fixed for new games.

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