Alpha 3.06 has walked through the door

It’s here. The first patch created almost solely because of a screwup I made in a previous patch. Sorry! When I fixed the Bombardment notification in 3.05, I accidentally screwed up the Bombardment prompt as well. My only excuse is that I was in a hurry to get to my real job!

Here’s the download link for 3.06

(replaced by newer patch)


Here’s what’s fixed:

  • The prompt to Bombard Enemy Colonies displays prompting. It was not displaying and essentially hanging the game during a next turn
  • Fixed a minor visual glitch with the travel line that you might notice after deploying more than one fleet on a turn
  • Fixed the misclick sound to be more left/right balanced
  • Declaring a war because you are erratic will now set the casus belli appropriately. This was the root cause of the bug addressed in 3.05
  • The buttons on the bottom of the Main UI now display a “button pressed” visual change in an effort to improve responsiveness. May be tweaked further.

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