Alpha 3.07 has made its presence known

Another half-day, another patch. I try to rush these out if someone’s play is being impacted by the game. The problem solved in 3.07 has a workaround, but it’s caused a lot of confusion so here it is.

(replacing with patch 3.08)



  • Error where Java cannot kind find “RotP.jar” when starting

This bug was caused by me renaming the jar file for this patch to Remnants.jar (this alpha) from RotP.jar (last year’s alpha). There also happens to be nice code within the game to detect low memory allocation by Windows and restart the game with an appropriate amount of memory. Unfortunately, it was still trying to restart the game as RotP. jar… DOH!

So if you have a Windows PC and it is configured to not give Java enough memory, you would see this behavior. The “solution” was to either rename the jar to RotP.jar, to configure Windows to give Java more memory, or to run the game from the command line with more memory.

With this patch, none of those solutions are necessary anymore.

I am out of town this weekend and on the road all day Thursday & Sunday, but I will try to be a responsive as possible to any other bugs reported.

7 thoughts on “Alpha 3.07 has made its presence known”

  1. Hi! I’m following your development and I wonder if you ever considered to use some kind of auto-updater or launcher for your game, like:

    I remember there is another kind of launcher/library to do it, bu I don’t remember right now the name, sorry 😦

    bonus: on my blog I’m sharing some thoughts on how to design a 4x games, following your post, keep also posting on design part of this kind of games, I really like it!


    1. This first week after the Alpha release is typical since I haven’t had anyone really test the game for almost a year, but it dies down quickly. I’m not really planning to use an auto-updater because I do not want to create an application that does network connections in the background.


      1. Not a big fan of it. I think they hit all of the checkboxes, but basically made a variation of the same space 4X game as everyone else. Doesn’t really seem as immersive as a game with actual races in it.


  2. Thank you. I wasn’t able to get this to start, but didn’t want to admit it. Now it starts and plays.

    This is great, and the artwork is gorgeous. It did take me a little while to notice the “deploy fleet” button, as I was trying to move the ships the old MOO way.

    Looking forward to many pleasant hours.Again, thanks.


  3. I’m sorry you had trouble making the game work… thanks for your patience!

    Getting fleets to go is clicking on the fleet, and then double-clicking the destination.


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