Weekend Update

Just to let everyone know that updates are still being made to the game based on a lots and lots of tester feedback, which I am being very attentive to. I am out of town visiting family, so my opportunities to respond are generally in the morning or late evening.

However, none of the reported problems are game-breaking in the sense that they keep people from playing the game, so I am going to bundle them up for a bit before putting out a another update — just to minimize churn.

In particular, I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback and reports that they are having a lot of fun playing the game — even though it is still missing ship combat! As a developer, this is a perspective that I rarely experience. When I do occasionally get a chance to actually play the game it’s not especially fun because what I see are bugs, imbalances, missing features, to go with a lot of second-guessing… this is still work for me, not a game, lol.

Thanks again. This is honestly the first alpha where I feel like the game is finally turning the corner on the way to being successful!

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