Alpha 3.08 has jumped out of a rabbit hole

Well, I almost made it through this out-of-town weekend without a game-breaking bug reported! But 3.08 is now available from this link;

(check more recent updates for a newer version)



  • Ground Combat UI was breaking if the fractional population of the defending planet was between 0 and 1. It should always round defenders upward (this was the bug triggering this patch)
  • Similarly, the Bombardment Prompt dialog was showing a colony population of 0 (instead of 1) if the fractional population was between 0 and 1.
  • The player no longer attempt to cancel deployment of AI fleets
  • Player will be notified of incite rebellion saboteurs are caught (declaring war on those guys will really tone this down)
  • If the player elected, he no longer has to deal with rebels. This was a new type of ending that I wanted to add optionally for players, but it’s not presentable yet so I’ve disabled it
  • When the player commits genocide, the GNN will not pretend to not know who did it
  • Fixed “[yourself]” error in genocide warning for AI opponents
  • AI is now smarter about evaluating the following types of technologies for trade and reserach: Ship Inertials, Improved Terraforming, Armor, Hand Weapon, Personal Shield, Atmospheric Terraforming
  • Fleets in systems with rally points no longer get a free move turn after being constructed. They now show up in the exiting fleets list like everyone else
  • When the “Invaders Killed” alert is displayed, it now properly shows the name of the invading empire, not the defending empire
  • The AI is more like to consider your requests for non-aggression pacts and alliances
  • If the AI turns down your request for an alliance because you are allied with someone he is at war with, he will tell you so

5 thoughts on “Alpha 3.08 has jumped out of a rabbit hole”

  1. I’m seem to have a new problem with 3.08. If I go to colonies screen to make a transfer or something, it locks up the game, can never leave colonies screen.


    1. Can you email me a copy of the “recent.rotp” file (to when you see this problem? I couldn’t reproduce it with the save game files I have.]

      Also, can you turn “Show Memory” to ON on the bottom right of the start screen so that we can rule out memory errors?



  2. Running on PC-Linux. No problems so far.

    The Alkari hopping out of the colony ship… just tickled me for some reason. Little touches like that make a big difference.

    Thank you.


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