Alpha 3.09 is right on time

Well, this is a biggie. You’d think there would be fewer bug reports with each passing release, but I got a bundle of them today. There are a lot of changes & fixes, which unfortunately increases the chance of inadvertent bugs slipping in. Thanks for alpha testing! Your efforts are a godsend to the final quality of the game!

You can download the latest Alpha 3.09 patch from this link:

(replaced by newer version.. please check more recent posts)


What’s fixed:

  • The game now allocates memory at the start based on your PC’s free memory, not its total memory. If there is <500Mb free memory, the game will pop up an error explaining that this is why you cannot play the game. Otherwise, the game should have fewer “out of memory” errors when being played on heavily-loaded systems — which I never do because this is my only life now.
  • An infrequent exception when mousewheeling on the Fleet Panel
  • Mysterious losses in your factories caused by orbital bombardments that were not being reported to you
  • I give in already. By widespread request, you can now deploy fleets with a single click on their intended destination.
  • The AI will now evaluate the Battle Computer techs more effectively. This is part of a broader AI sweep through the various types of technology. I’m done with 29 of the 44 different types defined within the game.
  • I made the AI in a recent patch more willing to accept pacts and alliances. This had the side-effect of making them more willing to offer these as well. This has been corrected.
  • A weird and as-yet-undiagnosed problem wherein the AI races thought they had more colonies than they did. I suspect it’s related to ownership transfer from invading troops, but I’ve fixed the problem without figuring out the root cause just yet. Go programmers!
  • If you get an error, the Error UI will now display memory usage stats.. This is to help me debug more easily and not ask you this question.

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