Alpha 3.10 is along for the ride

Well, this was fast. Shortly after 3.09 was done I had an idea as to what was causing some of the incite rebellion hyperactivity. Then a few bug reports came in so I figured, what the heck, let’s do another patch.

You can download version 3.10 from this link:

(replaced by newer version. check for more recent post)

What’s fixed… 3 of these problems would have warranted a patch release, imo:

  • Rebels on your colonies will now be killed in appropriate numbers when your colonies are bombed or invaded. Previously they were surviving which made it very possible for these events to trigger your colonies into rebellion. I will continue to watch tester comments on this issue very closely.
  • Fixed a bug caused by empires multi-counting their colonized systems. If you saw a message saying “Empire xxx has yyy colonies” but they only had half of that, this will fix it.
  • Improved memory usage drastically on the Races UI.
  • Handled a very infrequent error condition where a ship fleet in transit has lost track of its origin point. This is needed to calculate its x-y position on the map at any time. The save game file with this error was a 1000-star map, and the player had colonized over 100 systems! The Next Turn time was pretty slow, so it’s nice to now have a good test game for improving those times.


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